Best YouTube Channel To Learn Piano For Beginners 2023

If you own a Roland piano, or are thinking of buying a piano, you can get unlimited access to hundreds of songs and interactive courses—available anytime on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s always easier and quicker to learn the piano with expert guidance. If you’re not ready for private lessons, try group classes on TakeLessons Live. Classes are perfect for beginners, they’re easy to take from home in your free time, and you can take as many classes per month as you like.

Learn Piano

In addition to paying their teachers, these centers also need to cover the costs of general administration, promotion, and facility management. For a more grassroots approach, you can consult an online resource like, which provides informative bios and a map of pre-screened teachers in your area. To play new music, you must imagine the sounds in your mind first. Then you must experiment aloud to see if you can match those sounds on the keyboard. Music theory encompasses elements of key signatures, time signatures, notation, chord structures, rhythmic patterns, important symbols, and descriptive words, phrases, and abbreviations.

Step 8: Playing the piano with both hands

Free on both iOS and Android devices, the app works with select Roland pianos that have Bluetooth MIDI functionality. Like anything worthwhile, it takes patience and dedication. I would say, a basic proficiency is not too difficult to attain, but mastery of the instrument takes a lifetime. 鋼琴班 should be positioned so that when sitting on the front half of it your elbows are a little in front of your body. Your arms should be level with or slightly sloping down toward the keys.


The note value of a half note is equal to that of a half rest. Please repeat this exercise for at least 3 minutes to get a good feeling for the tempo of the beat. We have tried to make this beginner tutorial for piano as easy as possible.

Below are some pros and cons of this method should you choose to only use this DIY method. The above numbers are just meant to show you where your priorities should be. Make sure that you are keeping up with your lesson books and just going through the performance books.

Self-Teaching, Do-It-Yourself Methods

In just a few chapters you’ll be playing your first melodies, and soon enough you’ll be able to take pride that you can play piano. We hope you’re excited to learn as we are to guide you. Herbie Hancock is the most likeable teacher I’ve ever seen online.

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